Lefty narrative on Eric Fuller already taking shape

After a solid week of diligent effort, our friends in the liberal media finally got what they wanted: a mentally unbalanced man, clearly influenced by uncivil rhetoric regarding the Tea Party, lashed out at a political opponent. Unfortunately for them, it was their rhetoric. The target of the death threat was someone they unfairly maligned. Will our moral, ethical, and intellectual superiors in the media accept responsibility?

Just kidding. This MSM kangaroo court hasn’t worked out the way they’d hoped, so it’s time to bury the story. You were useful for a day or so, Eric Fuller, but now you’ve imperiled the narrative. You’re no longer of any value to them, so you’ll find that you do bear responsibility for your own actions after all. You’re on your own…

See if you can follow the logic: According to Olby & Co., Jared Loughner isn’t responsible for his own actions. Sarah Palin and the teabaggers are, despite a complete lack of evidence that there’s any connection. Whereas Eric Fuller is responsible for his own actions, despite parroting the same crap that the professional left has been spouting for a solid week.