The Jasmine Revolution

No doubt, every Arab leader has watched Tunisia’s revolt in fear while citizens across the Arab world watch in solidarity, elated at that rarity: open revolution.

“Goosebumps all over. I can’t believe I lived through an Arab revolution!! Thank you, Tunisia!” tweeted Gigi Ibrahim, a young Egyptian woman whose handle is Gsquare86. “The power of the masses is capable of toppling any dictatorship. Today was Tunisia. Tomorrow is Egypt, Jordan. LONG LIVE REVOLUTION!”

Social media, where young Arabs organize and speak out against their respective regimes, have given the world a clear view of the thoughts, hopes and videos of Tunisians. For days, I have been glued to Twitter, on which events in Tunisia are discussed much faster than mainstream media could report them.

“Tunis now: the chants continue ‘No to Ben Ali even if we die,’ ” tweeted a Tunisian who joined the 6,000 to 7,000 protesting outside the Interior Ministry hours before Ben Ali fled.

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