A tale of two speeches

I have no doubt that Obama will be declared by the media the winner here by knockout. (Wait, in this “post-Tucson” world are we still allowed to used such violent metaphors, or is okay in this case because Obama is one seen as dishing out the blows?) At times, this was clearly Obama at his best. For the most part he hit the right tone, which, thanks to the crowd’s constant and, at times, creepy cheering, was not easy. He was very eloquent, and even provided the proper level of human emotion. He performed the role we ask of our Presidents in times like these as if he was born (in Hawaii) to do so. In short, he was Reaganesque.

However, Reagan would never have given in to the temptation of pandering to his political base at such a supposedly solemn event, as Obama did last night. This would have been especially so when it came to providing presidential credibility to such an insidious “theory” for what caused the tragedy as the one the media/left has been peddling for the past several days. But even here Obama was utterly brilliant in his demagoguery.