Poll: “Very conservative Americans” only group who want leaders to stand on principle

Americans who describe themselves as “very conservative” — 11% of national adults — are most different from others in their responses to the compromise versus stick-to-beliefs question. These Americans are significantly more likely than any other group to place more importance on leaders’ sticking to their beliefs — a “4” or “5” on the 5-point scale.

Americans who classify themselves as conservative but not “very” conservative, however, are about evenly divided in terms of sticking to principles (35%) versus compromising (36%). Majorities of moderates and liberals rate themselves “1” or “2” on the scale, indicating greater support for compromise among political leaders.

The differences among partisan/ideological groups reflect similar patterns. Conservative Republicans are the most likely to say leaders should stick to their principles. Democrats in all ideological groups are more likely than conservative Republicans to lean toward the “more important to compromise” position.

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