Loughner’s professor: I feared he might have a gun in class

“I always felt, you know, somewhat paranoid,” McGahee said. “When I turned my back to write on the board, I would always turn back quickly–to see if he had a gun.”

McGahee said he had to make several complaints before administrators finally removed Loughner.

“They just said, ‘Well, he hasn’t taken any action to hurt anyone. He hasn’t provoked anybody. He hasn’t brought any weapons to class,'” McGahee recalled. “‘We’ll just wait until he takes that next step.'”

On his first day in class, McGahee said, Loughner yelled out a random number during a lesson, then asked the instructor a strange question. “How can you deny math instead of accepting it?” he yelled…

On another test, McGahee said, Loughner wrote the words “Eat+Sleep+Brush Teeth=Math.” “He just miserably failed the test,” McGahee said.

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