Roseanne Barr: Palin stole my act

Barr said on the show that while she understood the growth of the tea party movement, she doesn’t feel sympathy for Palin. “I understand a revolt by American taxpayers who are getting nothing for paying these huge taxes,” said a now salt-and-pepper-haired Barr. “But the solution is for the American public to have some say in how public money is spent. I believe that public money needs to be spent on the American public, not these private contractors who Sarah Palin works for.”

Though Palin and Barr may share the same audience at times, Barr made it quite clear during the interview that she is not a fan of the ex-governor. “I feel she’s ripping off my act. She’s not even telling the truth to the American people. I think she took a lot from me and from my show, absolutely,” Barr said.

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