New GOP legislators to Diane Sawyer: We might agree to raise the debt ceiling

And despite wide agreement that a showdown is looming over tea partiers’ willingness to authorize more debt, the freshmen members of Congress indicated that they can support a higher national debt limit — if it’s accompanied by an agreement to achieve a balanced budget.

“I personally think that’s the answer,” Lee said.

“If there’s a balanced budget Constitutional amendment that is tied to the debt ceiling, I will vote to increase the debt limit under those conditions,” Rep.-elect Mo Brooks, R-Ala., said. “But we have to make progress. This unsustainable deficit that we are incurring is the greatest national security threat that American faces.”

When asked about the controversy voting to increase the debt limit might cause, one member had strong words: “There is a time for campaigning and a time to govern,” Guinta said. “There is now a time to govern and everyone needs to come to the table with solutions.”