“I think he’s the best chance we’ve got”

There appear to be some geographic fissures in Huckabee and Palin’s populist base. Palin draws her largest and most enthusiastic crowds in the midwestern heartland. But Huckabee seems to be preferred in the Sunbelt suburbs, particularly among college-educated, evangelical men in the managerial sector,

This is especially true here in Arkansas, where the first thing out of the mouth of anyone asked about Huckabee – like the flea market concessionaires – is how much more qualified the hometown boy is than Palin. And they can be harsh.

“I’d rather see him in there than Palin,” says Featherston. “He’s got more sense about him.”

“Sarah Palin doesn’t have a chance,” says Jones. “She doesn’t have the ability to be President – that’s for sure…. She doesn’t have the brains for it.”