In 2011, Obama must take on the “hate machine” or something

The Obama Hate Machine is never slowed by the absurdities it manufactures. It just keeps spewing crap. The accusations don’t have to be proved. The game plan is obvious: Even if he sidesteps the individual charges, Obama will somehow be dirtied by the ceaseless flow of mud. Meanwhile, the OHM professionals will reap profits, as they feed the irrational paranoia of their believe-anything anti-Obama audience.

Though Obama survived the OHM’s assaults in 2008, its blasts did inflict damage during his first two years as president and — credit where credit is due — helped the Republicans seize control of the House and reduce the Democratic majority in the Senate. And the OHM will not be stopping. As Obama heads into the second half of this presidential term, the question is whether he and his posse will figure out a better way of confronting the craziness in 2011 and beyond.

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