House GOP leaders on Paul Ryan’s roadmap: No comment

“We will be choosing what kind of future we want to have for the rest of this century in the very near future in this country, probably in 2012. So I believe we owe it to the country to give them an alternative choice than the path we’re on right now,” Ryan said.

One week before the 112th Congress begins, Boehner and Cantor have kept mum about their intentions. They declined to answer questions from The Daily Caller on the matter.

A survey of Republican and Tea Party leaders found some support for the idea of embedding the Road Map in the budget, though there was also some at the grassroots level who demonstrated a lack of familiarity with the plan…

Potential Republican candidates for president in 2012 were harder to nail down on the matter. Only John Bolton, a former Bush administration foreign policy adviser who is considered a long shot for the nomination, outright endorsed the idea of putting the Road Map in the budget…

And while former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has endorsed the Road Map in theory, a spokeswoman declined to comment when asked whether Palin thought Ryan’s plan should be put forward in 2011.

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