Alan Grayson for president!

A number of well-known Democratic names have been suggested, but all so far have demurred. So who would be crazy enough — or just foolhardy enough — to make a kamikaze run against Obama?

Consider outgoing Central Florida Congressman Alan Grayson, the master of the outrageous sound bite, and perhaps the most reviled member of the House. He’s already appeared on at least one list of possible challengers (admittedly toward the bottom of it). On Lawrence O’Donnell’s MSNBC show, “The Last Word,” Grayson was coy, declining to say whether he would be willing to make a run, although he said some challenge to the president from the left would make him happy. Later he said a race would be a “distraction.”…

Grayson has the name recognition, a trial lawyer’s instinct for the jugular and, most critically, the considerable ego required for such a quixotic run. Although a hero to Netroots Nation and the sweetheart of MSNBC, he has no political future in Florida. The departing freshman congressman was trounced in his Orlando swing district by 17 percentage points, 56-39, by Republican Daniel Webster, a conservative Christian and longtime state legislator. Thus Grayson has little to lose in making the national race, and little to do after Congress adjourns beside returning to his legal practice.

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