It’s time to forgive Michael Vick

I have to come to believe that Michael Vick has reversed himself. I believe the words of contrition he expresses are true. I believe that the trips he makes to schools to talk about animal cruelty are not some public-relations plot, at least not completely. I believe this knowing full well that trying to get inside the head of another person is basically fruitless. I can’t fathom my own head. But Vick did pay for what he did. He went to prison for 21 months. He filed for bankruptcy and lost tens of millions of dollars.

Still, at the beginning of the season, that did not excuse him in my eyes. And yes, if the Eagles were draggling along with a 6-8 record, instead of 10-4 atop the NFC East, he would still be just another sports thug to all of us.

It isn’t just how Vick has played this season. It is the way he has played, showing a football maturity never witnessed before.

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