By the numbers: Political reporters love to cover conservatives

O’Donnell vs. Greene

Conservative Christine O’Donnell was an unqualified, kooky candidate who took everyone by surprise when she beat a far better known, established candidate for the Republican Senate nomination in Delaware. Liberal Alvin Greene was a completely unqualified, kooky candidate who also shocked everyone by getting the Democratic nomination for Senate over four-term South Carolina state lawmaker Vic Rawl. Both went on to decisively lose their elections.

Now it’s true that O’Donnell was a character, but so too was Greene, who had a felony charge on his record and had never campaigned for the nomination. Plus there was concern that the electronic voting systems might have failed in South Carolina, causing Greene’s win. But while the media went gaga over O’Donnell, by comparison they ignored Greene. Here are the totals for the year.

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