Damn, we had a good year

These steps have led to significant advances in our ability to screen travelers and cargo for potential threats. For example, we have now fulfilled a key 9/11 Commission recommendation by implementing the Secure Flight program, which helps us more effectively check watch lists — and target our resources — so that we’re giving more scrutiny to passengers who deserve it, and moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach. And, again using threat-based intelligence, we have modified our pat-down procedures to counter the latest terrorist tactics and deter other approaches that might be used by terrorists to conceal improvised explosive devices and other methods of attack.

Because technology also plays an important role in securing passengers, cargo and the entire international aviation system, we’ve also accelerated the most significant deployment of new screening technology to U.S. airports since metal detectors were installed in the 1970s. This Advanced Imaging Technology, or AIT, allows us to quickly, safely and discreetly screen passengers for non-metallic explosives that could be hidden under clothing. As of this month, the Transportation Security Administration has deployed nearly 500 AIT units to more than 75 airports nationwide.

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