More bad news for Romney: GOP voters trending more conservative

-Liberals have become completely extinct in the Republican Party. This may seem obvious but 9% of primary voters in these six states still identified themselves as liberals even in 2008. That figure is all the way down to 2.5% on these polls. Whatever liberals remained in the GOP as recently as three years ago have left the ranch now…

These numbers make it clear how severe Romney’s problems with conservatives are- there just aren’t that many moderate to liberal GOP voters left to prop him back up. There’s been a thought that a centrist could win the nomination in 2012 if the conservatives cannibalize each other but I don’t think moderates have a big enough piece of the pie to get someone nominated even if there are a glut of conservative candidates. The ideological composition of the GOP at this point is such that it’s probably just flat impossible for someone perceived as a moderate to be their nominee. Here’s the exit poll data from 2008 and our most recent polls in these states:

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