Allen West to Cantor: We need to spend more days working

West began by saying that he called Cantor’s office as a courtesy before sending the letter. West told CNN, “…the message that the people sent on the 2nd of November is that they recognize there’s some prevailing issues.”

“I think that we really need to have more days up front, where we’re not just doing a typical type of work schedule. But a lot is going to be demanded of us. And I would think that we need to spend more time in session – in Washington DC – to make sure that we’re doing the right and proper things.”

West is upset over, what he called, “a lot of white space” on the upcoming Congressional calendar. Cantor released the calendar, and a letter to House colleagues, on December 8…

In a statement to CNN, Cantor spokesman Brad Dayspring said, “More days in Washington has historically resulted in bigger government, greater waste, and more spending – not more production. What’s important is who’s in charge and the process put in place, not the number of days in session.”

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