Maybe repealing ObamaCare would be good for Obama

The immediate reaction will be “In a devastating blow for Barack Obama…” And on the most superficial level it will be that. But after that first wave, is there an argument to be that it’d be good for him to be able to dislodge his leg from this unpopular political coffle? I’m being cynical and unprincipled here, but come on, folks. The law is unpopular. Most people want it repealed. Facts is facts. Maybe Obama would be better off politically without it, depending on the timing and how he handles it.

Now, being non-cynical and principled, I think it would be a tragedy in that this country would again probably do nothing about its healthcare system for another 20 years. This was a flawed bill in many ways, but at least it opened the door to the idea of making changes, which we badly need. That door would slam shut for another generation or more.

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