Obama and Boehner should join forces — to quit smoking

When CBS’s Bob Schieffer pressed Boehner on “Face the Nation” in September, Boehner said, “Tobacco is a legal product in America, and people have a right to decide for themselves whether to partake. Smoking is something I choose to do; maybe at some point I’ll decide I’ve had enough.”

Now is the time, Mr. Speaker-elect. You, too, Mr. President. Make a joint appearance on the steps of the National Institutes of Health and say to the nation you’re both leading: “We have decided together that we can’t ask the American people to make sacrifices in the year ahead unless we make some sacrifices of our own for the sake of our health, our families and the nation.

“We’re quitting smoking and we ask others to join us in this critical step in restoring America’s health.”

I promise you, it would be a welcome step in clearing the air over the nation’s capital.

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