No apologies: Holder tells Muslims that stings will continue

Wading into the most controversial recent case, Holder backed the FBI’s investigation of an Oregon man charged with trying to detonate a bomb at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony. FBI technicians had supplied the device, leading some Muslims and civil libertarians to question whether agents went too far by training the man for terrorism.

“I make no apologies for how the FBI agents handled their work,” Holder said. He spoke in a hotel ballroom before an estimated 300 people invited by Muslim Advocates, a group that itself is suing the Justice Department to learn more about investigative guidelines for FBI agents.

“Those who characterize the FBI’s activities in this case as ‘entrapment’ simply do not have their facts straight – or do not have a full understanding of the law,” Holder said. The nation’s chief law enforcement official praised FBI agents and Justice Department lawyers while reaching out to Muslims “who say they feel uneasy about their relationship with the United States government.”

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