I’d rather my daughter marry a rich man than have a brilliant career

My friend Amanda was an accountant before she married and had children. Now, she doesn’t work, but she certainly isn’t ­darning socks. She employs a cleaner and a part-time nanny. She goes to the gym and is doing a Spanish course. As she says: ‘I’m a wife and mother, not a skivvy.’ Good for her.


Amanda, and plenty of women like her, are marrying for love — but this love gets a helping hand when the bank statement arrives.

At the same time, rich alpha males want to marry women who look amazing and whose wit will dazzle at social functions. For modern girls, marrying a rich man is an indisputable announcement of success.

It does make life feel a lot more sparkly than getting up to catch the 6am bus every morning.

If, in 20 years’ time, my daughter announces she’s jumping off the career ladder to marry to a wealthy man, I won’t throw a fit.

In fact, I rather hope she does marry money so her life is less toil.

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