Even Kos’s pollster shows Palin doing as well as Obama with the other party

The Daily Kos pollster claims that Governor Palin has a “Republican problem.” However, the Daily Kos pollster’s own pollster shows that Governor Palin wins around the same percentage of Democrats against Barack Obama as the percentage of Republicans Obama wins against her. So if she has a Republican problem against him, then Barack Obama has a Democrat Party problem against her.

Polling from the Daily Kos pollster does shows that she wins fewer republicans than the others but these Republicans do not vote for Obama. These Republicans go to undecided. If you look at the crosstabs for the six states that the Daily Kos pollster has polled, you’ll see that a disproportionate percentage of the undecideds in the Obama-Palin matchups are comprised of Republicans when compared to the other candidates. In a sense, she has the most room to grow since Obama doesn’t have any Democrats left to win over while Palin can improve her numbers dramatically just by winning undecided Republicans. The undecideds in these matchups will go heavily for Governor Palin.

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