Obama should have battled the GOP on tax cuts, says … Joe Scarborough

Former Vice President Al Gore’s team stayed away from issues like global warming and gun control because it was afraid of losing states like West Virginia and Tennessee. Well, guess what? Gore lost them anyway.

Four years later, Sen. John Kerry was so fearful of being called weak on national defense that he bragged publicly about being for the funding of the Iraq war before being against it. Again, game, set, match to the GOP.

And now we have Obama, who spent two years ignoring Republicans, now deciding to throw in the towel on tax cuts before the opening bell rings. If the president of the United States really believes that he is in such a weak position that he cannot stand up to a party that wants to give tax cuts to millionaires while cutting benefits for unemployed families at Christmastime, I fear not only for the Democratic Party but also for America.

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