What if Wikileaks had happened on Bush’s watch?

No such benefit of the doubt would have been accorded to the previous president of the United States, however. Imagine what the response would have been if George W. Bush was president and not Barack Obama? The Left would have been up in arms with pitchforks at the ready, demanding the resignation of his Secretary of State and key intelligence officials, and all but putting the administration on trial.

The Wikileaks revelations would have perfectly suited the liberal elites’ silly caricature of Bush as a “cowboy” president, supposedly alienating the world while acting as the globe’s policeman. The left-wing media would have queued up to denounce the Bush Administration as incompetent, lax with America’s security, and disparaging towards the rest of the world. And as for the suggestion of spying on those dictator-friendly bureaucrats at the UN – that would have led to an avalanche of liberal condemnation, and wall to wall coverage in the press.

President Obama, on the other hand, has been given a free pass so far, and has not even felt the need to comment personally on this latest scandal, which happened directly on his watch.

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