A 6-10 divisional champ?

If the Niners reach the postseason at 6-10, they will become the worst playoff team in NFL history, hands down. The last team to reach the postseason with a .500 record was the 2008 Chargers. The only teams to ever reach the postseason with losing records were the 1982 Lions and Browns, each with strike-shortened 4-5 records. No team has ever won a division with a losing record, let alone a record as bad as 6-10.

There are other ways a 6-10 team could win the NFC West. The Cardinals or Rams could win one of their non-division games, for example. It’s possible for all four teams to finish 6-10, causing an ugly chain reaction that forces us to dig deep into each team’s record and ferret out tiebreakers.

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