If we’re going to raise rich people’s taxes, let’s raise everyone’s

Right now, the top 1 percent of earners pay more in income tax than the bottom 90 percent (the top 20 percent pay almost all federal taxes). Some economists argue that as revenue streams become more reliant on the fortunes of the few, the economy becomes increasingly more volatile. We also know that Washington will always avoid fundamental changes in spending when there is always an easy revenue stream to tap.

Perhaps the most damaging aspect of it all, however, is that progressive taxation creates an irresponsible electorate. We seem a tad bit disconnected from the cost of all the utopian voting we do.

But we bought it. Why should we be denied the honor of paying for it? What will be the bulwark against the evils of caffeinated alcoholic beverages? Who will have the moral fortitude to extend unemployment benefits in perpetuity? Who, I ask, will provide free health care and education for everyone?

Let’s all pony up. Together.

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