Breaking: Deficit Commission vote fails, 11-7

The commission got last-minute support from the Senate’s second-ranking Democrat, Dick Durbin of Illinois, as well as Democratic Rep. John Spratt of South Carolina, one of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s three appointees to the panel. Pelosi has been critical of proposed savings in Social Security and Medicare.

“It is just a step forward in the debate … it isn’t the last word,” Durbin said, calling the panel’s proposed spending cuts “too deep and too fast.” He said it was an effort to “kick-start an adult debate,” noting his son e-mailed him this morning to say “thanks” on behalf of his grandchildren…

The final vote was 11-7, short of the 14 votes needed to prompt congressional action according to the panel’s rules. It was supported by three elected Republicans and three elected Democrats, along with five of Obama’s appointees. Three Republicans and three Democrats voted no, along with one Obama appointee.

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