Paul Ryan: We can’t deal with our debt problem until we deal with ObamaCare

Ryan: We need to deal with Medicare. Medicare has a multi-trillion dollar unfunded liability. That wasn’t really addressed in this plan — very, very little. And so I think you need to address Medicare and Medicaid if you’re going to deal with this. Of the GAO’s unfunded liability figure, which is a $76 trillion figure, almost all of that is health care. You cannot preempt a debt crisis, get this fiscal house in order without dealing with health care, and I do not believe that this health care law does that. Not only do I not believe that, the actuary at HHS tells us the deficit will go up with ObamaCare, health care costs and spending will go up with ObamaCare.

Rose: What did the Congressional Budget Office say though?

Ryan: Same thing. I mean, when you take away some of the smoke and mirrors that were in the scoring that they had to score, it’s a big budget buster.

Rose: But when does the budget busting take place?

Ryan: Now and into the future.

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