These wingnuts always blame Obama’s America first

In pondering the GOP’s current posture, I was reminded of the speech that the late Jeane Kirkpatrick gave to the 1984 Republican National Convention in which she famously condemned the “San Francisco Democrats,” naming them after the very liberal and tolerant city where they had just held their convention. Kirkpatrick’s refrain about the opposition, which brought uproarious approval from the crowd, went this way: “They always blame America first.”

I am afraid that we are about to enter a two-year period in which the Beltway Republicans will always blame Obama’s America first – you know, the America that is not the “real” America, the America that happens to disagree with much of the conservative agenda, the America from which they want to “take back” the country, as if the rest of us represent an alien force. If Obama and his America are for something, even if that something is in the nation’s interest, it will be rejected out of hand.

In her speech, Kirkpatrick also noted: “The American people know that it’s dangerous to blame ourselves for terrible problems that we did not cause.” Yes, and it’s also dangerous to blame a man and an administration for terrible problems they did not cause.

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