State Department: What’s wrong with diplomats gathering intelligence?

The new National HUMINT Collection Directive was only one of several that asked U.S. diplomats to collect human intelligence around the world, has been roundly portrayed in domestic and foreign media as directing diplomats to act as intelligence assets. The U.K.’s Guardian newspaper’s article was entitled, “US diplomats spied on UN leadership.” The New York Times said that the cables “appear to blur the traditional boundaries between statesmen and spies.”…

The State Department officials emphasized to The Cable the distinction between diplomats who collect information as part of a wide range of duties and intelligence personnel, who have a singular and specific mission. The official also argued that other countries do the same thing and that the intelligence gathered by U.S. diplomats also benefits Washington’s allies.

“Information collection is something that diplomats of every country do every day. These areas of particular interest, they’re not just ours,” the official said. “This is information that’s of use to us, and to our allies and friends with whom we’re trying to solve regional and global challenges.”

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