Four Loko opponents vow: We don’t want to ban Irish coffee

Anyone who’s ever wanted a splash of whiskey in their java would probably beg to differ. Scippa, however, insists that he’s not after your Irish Coffee.

“We’re talking about apples and oranges,” he insisted when asked if he would support a government ban on putting two legal liquids in a cup. “We’re not talking about stepping on people’s abilities to have an Irish Coffee or a Red Bull and vodka if that’s what they choose to do. Because you can only do it in a bar or in the comfort of your own home.”

The real issue here, advocates contend, is that drinks like Four Loko are cheap and marketed with bright colors: An apparently deadly combination that could lure the unsuspecting and generally temperate youth to find alcohol. One anti-Four Loko advocate compared it to the Budweiser commercials in the 1990s with the talking frogs.

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