Palin’s media strategy is either genius or insanity

As the left-wing media crucifies this woman and the right-wing media saints her, the only result is that she is becoming more and more powerful. The fascination with her is that President Obama may have been the first pop culture, American Idol president. Sarah Palin is the first presidential candidate without boundaries. Picture Mitt Romney doing a reality show, showcasing his gorgeous family. Yep, impossible. This is a man who continues to dodge questions concerning his religion and the Mormon Church, not a man who would allow cameras to tape intimate moments inside his house.

I want the media to imagine the next election cycle. Palin could hypothetically skip the debates and any national interviews with anyone other than Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck. The way she is running for president is either sheer genius or ultimate insanity. How easily it is to forget that running for president, no matter how big of a star the person running is, has historically included a lot of grassroots work. At some point, Palin will have to go meet the people of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. Take it from someone who knows, there is nothing more intense, grueling, and blissfully democratic. The citizens of these states take their early voting status more seriously than the rest of us do and that will be the great cliffhanger. If those citizens only need a gorgeously produced reality show, beautiful family, and well-narrated talking points in order to give someone an opening on the road to the White House, then say hello to President Palin. In the meantime, what she is doing is brilliant. She has positioned herself both politically and culturally as the first, last, and only stop in the national political dialogue for predictions in 2012.

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