TSA diagnoses Dave Barry with “blurred groin”

Mr. BARRY: Yeah. They were letting everyone else go. Everyone else had a nice, sharp groin, I guess. But when I went through, they pulled me aside and put me in this – kind of like little pen. And after like – I don’t know – three or four minutes of standing there, I asked one of them: Why am I here? And he said, you have a blurred groin. And I went, what? Because you hate to find this out at the airport.

BLOCK: Yeah, you would want to know.

Mr. BARRY: And I had just had a physical – I mean, literally, two weeks earlier -which was pretty thorough, if you know what I’m saying. So I’m standing there, you know, after another few minutes. And then another man came over and said: You have to come with me – to this little room. And he gave my boarding pass to another guy. And as we’re going to the room he said, your groin was blurred.

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