GOP freshmen vow: We’ve learned from the past

Many said that the difference between this moment and 1994 is that the country’s fiscal problems are more urgent now and that voters would therefore be more apt to turn them out with haste if they didn’t enact change.

“They came in, and they had the great Contract With America, and, of course, by 2006 you saw what happened,” said Rep-elect and tea party hero Allen West of Florida, alluding to the GOP’s loss of congressional control four years ago. “I think the difference for the class of 2010 is that we’re not going to get 10 years. We have got to turn this thing around in two years or at least start showing the indicators that we’re going on the right track. I think the first 90 to 120 days are going to be very important, and it’s going to set the tone. The American people are not patient right now.”…

Recalling a “Lessons Learned” meeting about the ’94 class he held last week for the staff and members on the transition team, the Oregonian said one of the pieces of advice they got from members and aides of that era was: “Don’t rush it.”

“They had their 100-day agenda, and then it kind of ended,” Walden said of the Revolutionaries.

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