Allawi on new Iraqi government: “Power-sharing is dead now”

Asked how that might affect a future government, he said, “For Iraq, there will be tensions and violence, probably.”

Asked whether Iraqiya would be a part of a government that is not a power-sharing government, he said, “Well, maybe some members, but the main bulk of Iraqiya is not going to be part, and I am definitely not going to be part of this government.” He said agreements about principles of power sharing and devolution of power “are not happening.”

Thursday’s walkout upset a carefully prepared plan for power sharing, one that Allawi said represented “a big blow for democracy.”…

“This is a new dictatorship that is happening in Iraq,” he said. “It’s becoming humiliating, it’s becoming very dictatorial, and they don’t want to respect those people who have other views than them.”

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