The limits of the big red wave: Massachusetts as blue as ever

While the GOP wave was less pronounced in the Northeast—and especially in New England—even by regional standards Massachusetts was a laggard. At the same time the Bay State elected an all-Democratic, 10-member House delegation and a Democratic governor, New Hampshire returned both U.S. House seats and the legislature to GOP control, Maine elected a Republican governor, and Democrats won at least five U.S. House seats in neighboring New York.

The prime reason Massachusetts resisted the national tide, local Democrats say, is that while the national party may have been slow to react to the implications of Brown’s earthquake win, state Democrats were determined not to be caught snoozing again.

“The Scott Brown win here in Massachusetts was a cold slap in the face,” said veteran Democratic consultant Mary Anne Marsh. “So from the minute that happened, everybody picked up their game and put together they type of campaigns that people need to win.”

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