MSNBC isn’t a network, it’s a weird little liberal prep school

It’s not high school with cable TV salaries, as one news executive once explained it to me trying to account for the adolescent behavior and attitudes of its hosts. No, it’s a weird, little, liberal prep school. It’s not very good academically, but it cost lots of money to get in. The editor of the literary magazine is Olbermann, and his protege is Maddow, the poetry editor. And now, the poetry editor is upset because Keith was suspended for breaking one of the school rules.

And she’s so upset she’s going to demand his immediate reinstatement. But what is she going to do if he is not re-instated? Nothing, because that would involve paying a price, however small, for her convictions. And if she walked off in protest, who would publish her self-absorbed, snarky poems?

Poor MSNBC President Phil Griffin, having to play headmaster to this crew of emotional 15-year-olds.

OH, and by the way, listen to faux high rhetoric, “Let this incident lay to rest….” It’s like she and O’Donnell think they are writing the Gettysburg Address instead of hosting cable TV shows viewed by minuscule audiences compared to those watching Fox News. Let’s call it the rhetoric of false self-importance. Really, in all the seminars I had to take to earn a Ph.D. I never heard one person talk the ridiculous hotdog way O’Donnell and Maddow do on these videos — and a lot of the folks in those seminar rooms were pretty smart. This isn’t about intelligence. It’s about posturing on TV.

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