Palin’s judgment is now in question

It was one of the best outcomes of Election 2010 that Tancredo was exiled from any position of public trust. But it is disturbing that Palin found Tancredo to be the “right man for the job.” Her endorsement raises the question of whether Palin has any standards for her support other than anti-government rhetoric. Either as a power broker or a candidate in the 2012 election, Palin’s increasingly erratic political judgment should raise Republican concerns.

Palin recently took to Fox Business Network to call establishment Republicans “sleazy.” “Some within the establishment don’t like the fact that I won’t back down to a good-old-boys club,” she said. This odd mix of Tea Party Jacobinism and feminist grievance has become Palin’s operating style. What many Republicans, establishment and otherwise, don’t like is this: The leading figure of the Tea Party movement seems increasingly indifferent to Republican fortunes and increasingly tolerant of disturbing extremism.

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