Why you should vote for Democrats

We’re standing by the middle class to make sure Wall Street and insurance companies don’t put average Americans at risk again. We have enacted tough rules to rein in the financial excess that helped cause the Great Recession, and put Americans, not insurance accountants, in charge of their own health care.

And we want to keep fighting for the middle class’ future — getting out of debt for our children and preserving peace of mind for our seniors. That’s why we restored the pay-as-you-go law that helped create a $5.6 trillion budget surplus under President Clinton, and why we’re listening to voters who want us to balance job creation with tough choices to keep out of debt. And that’s why we will fight to strengthen Social Security and Medicare for generations to come, and against some Republicans’ plans to privatize Social Security and make Medicare a voucher program.

Republicans, meanwhile, have had a chance to rethink the policies that gave us the worst economy since the Great Depression— an economy that lost more than 8 million jobs. They haven’t. Instead, they’ve chosen to double down.

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