Stop calling conservative women sluts

The list of conservative women targeted goes beyond Palin and O’Donnell. Sharron Angle, a former schoolteacher and grandmother of 10 in Arizona, is so “crazy” and such a “bitch,” such a “moron,” that she now leads a race against the most powerful man in the Senate. Nikki Haley dared to take on the good ol’ boys in South Carolina, even within her own party, and has been repeatedly slimed by a lovesick blogger. A mother of five and foster parent to 23, Minnesota powerhouse Michele Bachmann, is labeled as being “against children.” And Meg Whitman, a women who has actually created jobs and signed the front of paychecks, setting her apart from professional politicians, is a “whore” in the eyes of her opponent’s staffer and also, most shamefully, NOW’s California president…

Many in the media serve as enablers with subtle but insidious belittling of conservatives. And these “mean girls” continue to be the butt of jokes on late-night television and in a blogosphere-gone-wild. Few so-called feminists have risen in defense of their conservative sisters, though they are indignant when liberal women are deemed “hot.”

But voters are noticing. They recognize a double standard. And their response will be to reward the victims.

I expect the acrimony and sexualized slander to reach a new pitch next year in an attempt to dethrone Palin. But she is not the “enemy.”

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