The world needs America to vote Democratic tomorrow or something

OK, it’s a platitude, but it’s better than the paranoid self-important rages of Beck. I recently read a sympathetic profile of him in the Times and circled alarm-bell words like “depression”, “divorce”, “alcoholism”, “drop-out”, and “Mormon” in his CV.

I can understand why lots of people can identify with him and his struggles, as with Sarah Palin and her “Mama Grizzly” nonsense. But they should keep a firm hold of their wallets and votes while doing so: just enjoy the ride, folks, and laugh – which is what you’re invited to do watching Jon Stewart…

But anything he can do badly his opponents can usually do worse, as George Bush so often proved. So let’s hope that Middle America decides tomorrow that it would prefer an honest prig to some of the shyster rascals offering themselves for office. America, we still need you, but we need you sane.

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