“The Democrats are about to feel the force of hurricane winds”

Given the GOP’s low standing, McInturff says Republicans would have a very short leash with the public if they end up controlling Congress. Americans, he argues, will keep voting elected officials out of office “until somebody gets the message — which is fix the economy and get things done in Washington.”

Yet Republicans, it seems, have been able to distance themselves from George W. Bush’s presidency. Only 34 percent believe that the GOP would return to Bush’s economic policies if they regain Congress, while 58 percent say they would bring different ideas…

Hart also believes the Tea Party has captured the “fervor” and “intensity” of this election season.

According to the poll, 28 percent identify themselves as Tea Party supporters. Among these supporters, 57 percent would replace every single member of Congress if they could (versus 45 percent of all registered voters who want to do this), and 30 percent say their vote is to send a message rather than elect the best person for the job (compared with 22 percent of the electorate who say this).