Memo to centrist Dems: If you liked the Clinton era, vote GOP

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Ironically, the projected GOP gains on Tuesday almost exactly match the results from 16 years ago, and would provide Obama with the same opportunity to shift to the center that enabled Clinton to win his most notable political and budgetary successes. Of course, many observers view Obama as an ideologue and true believer who would never display Clintonian flexibility in reorienting his agenda.

But for those members of the public who truly yearn for the Clinton years, that means returning to the policies and politics of the Clinton years — and blocking Obama’s calamitous lurch to the left. In that sense, a sweeping Republican victory in the congressional elections will provide the current incumbent with his only real chance of replicating Clinton’s record.

In other words, there’s only one way to cast a vote for triumphant Clintonism in this election cycle: by backing the candidates of the GOP, to provide a much-needed balance and a potential fresh start to the troubled administration that is failing and flailing in Washington.