My heart goes out to Christine O’Donnell

I have said in the past that I disagree with Christine O’Donnell politically and I continue to believe she would not be a good senator. Not just as a fellow Republican woman, but as a fellow woman, period, this posting is infuriating. I refuse to believe that if this type of story was presented to Gawker about a one-night stand about a male candidate for Senate or a Democrat they would have felt so inclined to print such a tabloid hit piece. But because Christine O’Donnell is unabashedly conservative and a possible candidate to be the next senator from Delaware, she is subjected to this outrage.

Of course, we live in the age of Facebook, and lots of women (and men, too) have grown up with pictures posted of them that they didn’t want or weren’t expecting. What are women supposed to do? Live in caves and never go out and live their lives? Never experience anything that could in anyway shape their character and by default make them a more rounded person? This story about Christine O’Donnell (accompanied by pictures) is just an unfortunate glimpse into what women in politics are experiencing today. Somehow a picture of Christine O’Donnell out drinking in a bar in a ladybug Halloween costume all of a sudden seems much more scandalous than a naked Scott Brown in Cosmopolitan magazine! All this does, is give women another reason to be disenchanted with the state of the media, and give women yet another reason not to be involved in politics, let alone be brave enough to ever run for office.

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