MSNBC hypocrisy of the day

So what did we find? MSNBC has treated Alan Grayson very well, with considerably more appearances than Kasich and Paul on Fox combined. More than 30. More than 40. In fact, a total of 62 appearances! To be fair, as a sitting Congressman prone to attention grabbing, it is likely that he would be called on more often than a non-incumbent. But over 60 appearances, even multiple appearances on the same day? (In what must be an oversight, Media Matters has yet to report on this spectacular example of what it calls ‘promotion’.)

It should be said that we only caught Grayson appearances where MSNBC provided a transcript (they do not for most programs) or someone uploaded a video. Since we don’t have access to a more complete database like that of TVEyes, there may have been even more Grayson hits on MSNBC than the ones we found.