Yes, MSNBC, there’s plenty of Democratic fundraising on your network

If it is inappropriate for a cable news channel to let politicos solicit money, volunteers, or whatever on its air, then it’s inappropriate for everyone, not just Fox. But have you heard anything from Media Matters, Think Progress, and the other ‘media watchdogs’ about MSNBC’s fund-raising? Where was Oliver Willis to call this ‘a new low’? Instead of Eric Boehlert calling out MSNBC, he looks the other way while repeatedly going on their air! Today’s New York Times article makes on-air fund-raising look like something that only happens on Fox. Not one example from MSNBC is cited–not even Jack Conway’s open solicitation that duplicates Kasich’s. But maybe the Times hasn’t gotten around to the Conway matter yet. After all, it only happened six weeks ago!

Phil Griffin, we accepted your challenge and we met the test. Is there a prize? We’re not asking for anything big. How about this? You apologize, in the New York Times, for your false claim that MSNBC doesn’t allow fund-raising on its air. Do that, and we’ll call it even.