WaPo has vindicated me on the New Black Panther case

The admission by an administration official that the civil rights laws were made to protect only minorities is nothing new to me. I have been speaking about it for months. Now let’s see if the apologists for the administration who have attacked me and Christopher Coates admit error. Let’s see if certain commissioners on the Civil Rights Commission seize this opportunity to take the intellectual high road instead of continuing along the gutter track shilling for partisan or personal advantage.

Christopher Coates’s testimony offered the first chance at redemption. The front-page Washington Post piece containing confessions offers the second. The vote will be later this week on approval of the report. It will be very difficult to live with the reputation years from now that you defended racial discrimination and racially selective law enforcement. That stain on your reputation will follow you forever.

Lastly, the biggest threat to the DOJ spin, and the officials who have made incorrect statements under oath, is fact that Justice attorneys inside the Voting Section are now talking to the Washington Post. Justice should be concerned they are also talking to Congress, which they have every right to do under the law and Constitution. Some might argue they have an obligation to do so considering the lies which have been pushed to Congress and the public about the Panther dismissal.