Poll: 36% want to revise ObamaCare, 37% want to repeal it

Among likely voters, 36 percent said they want to revise the law so it does more to change the health care system. A nearly identical share — 37 percent — said they want to repeal it completely…

The tea party movement remains a crucible of opposition. More than 7 in 10 likely voters who back the tea party said the law should be repealed in its entirety.

But the poll found that strong opponents are vastly different from nearly all others. Most strong opponents favor complete repeal, while majorities of those who are neutral or who moderately oppose the legislation say leave it as is or expand it.

Only 26 percent of women favored repealing the law. That restraint was evident even among Republican women — 52 percent supported repeal, compared with 68 percent of Republican men.

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