Juan Williams and the tolerance canard

There are many books — a genre actually — that expound on the profound stupidity of religion and its followers. Though I enjoy some of these works, I can’t help but marvel at how the most severe accusations are reserved for modern Catholicism or Evangelicalism while, if we’re lucky, some tepid criticism will gently fall on the faith featuring the most fundamentalism in the world…

If you can ever find the Seattle cartoonist Molly Norris ask her about religion tolerance. Norris has reportedly gone “ghost” after finding herself on an Islamic terror hit list for her insulting cartoon. (Let me know when a journalist makes an atheist, Mormon or papal hit list.)

Free speech didn’t exactly work out that well for Molly. There was only a faint outcry about her predicament. The tolerance crowd was busy smearing anyone who didn’t like idea of a mosque near ground zero a bigot.