Todd Palin was right to be angry

My colleague Chris Good notes that Miller “owes his presence in this Senate race to Sarah Palin, but not because she endorsed him.” It’s because Palin convinced the Tea Party Express to put its money and organizational strength behind Miller. Palin recorded a telephone call and Todd appeared at a fundraiser. Palin didn’t risk much by endorsing Miller, but she did him a solid. Actually, it was Todd Palin who first endorsed Miller, a week before his wife did.

So, Todd Palin pulled a Tom Vilsack. He erroneously interpreted something he had heard that Miller said on Fox about whether Palin was qualified to be president. Now, Sarah and Todd Palin obviously believe she is qualified to be president. You may not, but they do. And that’s important, because Palin has every right to assume that the candidates she endorses and spends any time campaigning for would, at the very least, answer that relatively innocuous question in the affirmative. Heck, Miller upped the ante yesterday, saying that of course Sarah Palin is constitutionally qualified to be president. Constitutionally!