Which Republicans of yesteryear were more liberal than Lisa Murkowski?

Murkowski, according to the ACU, has a lifetime conservative rating of 70.2 percent. Bennett’s rating is 83.6 percent. To see who would fail the Murkowski purity standard and the more stringent Bennett purity standard, I used lifetime ratings for those who served after 1995 (when lifetime ratings first appear in the ACU archive) and the last year in office for the rest. (Requests for assistance from the ACU went unanswered.)

President Gerald Ford, Republican leader in the House from 1965 to 1973? You’re outta here! He rated 67 percent in 1973 — failing both the Murkowski and the Bennett tests…

Among those past senators who would be vulnerable to a purge in today’s Republican Party: Nancy Kassebaum of Kansas (56 percent), Al D’Amato of New York (57 percent), Slade Gorton of Washington (70 percent), Mike DeWine of Ohio (79.8 percent), Gordon Smith of Oregon (68.8 percent), John Warner of Virginia (79.2 percent), Pete Domenici of New Mexico (74.1 percent), Ben Nighthorse Campbell of Colorado (55 percent), John Heinz of Pennsylvania (48 percent) and Bill Cohen of Maine (48 percent).

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